The David Hoyle Foundation

David Hoyle

David John Hoyle
13th March 1969 - 6th June 2017

David Hoyle lived in Crondall, near Farnham in Surrey, and was a social scientist who devoted his life to protecting African forests and natural ecosystems for the biodiversity they harbour; for the indigenous people and communities that depend on them; and to secure their vital role in mitigating dangerous climate change for the benefit of us all.

There is no explanation that satisfies our efforts to understand the cruel irony that, after a life dedicated to protecting forests, and evading the very real dangers of living, working and travelling in remote parts of Africa, David was snatched away by a modest cherry tree, blown onto his car roof by unseasonably high winds on 6th June 2017, just five minutes from his home in Crondall. He died instantly.

In life, David always had a knack of gathering people together and galvanising them to do more than he, or they, could possibly have done alone. In death, he’s done it one last time and The David Hoyle Foundation has been established in his memory to sustain the work and the spirit that David embodied.

The Foundation


David’s passion for Africa and career in conservation was inspired by a school field trip to Malawi, followed by volunteering and working for VSO in Zimbabwe and Zambia. He spent and enjoyed many years of his life living and working in Cameroon where he met his wife and many friends. His time spent living “village life” was particularly important in helping him understand and offer real support to meet human needs. 


The David Hoyle Foundation (DHF) work will focus on areas (see objectives below) that further the personal and professional interests and legacy of our beloved David Hoyle. We also want to honour David by adopting his participatory approach to the identification, formulation and implementation of all of the fund’s initiatives. 


The foundation has been established in order to continue the good work of David Hoyle and ensure a long lasting legacy in Crondall (UK), Nguti (Cameroon) and within the conservation and community development world. 


  1. Education:
  • Support future generations of conservationists, from school age by re-introducing environmental education into primary and secondary schools in Crondall and Nguti
  • Raise the awareness of conservation and global warming by funding university scholarships for students focused on environmental studies
  • Provide scholarships to university students whose expertise will lead to concrete development outcome for Nguti
  1. Capital Investments: Finance essential capital projects, with priority sectors to include health, education, agriculture, water, hygiene and sanitation
  1. Sustainable Agriculture: Provide agricultural extension training, equipment and services according to best practices for sustainability
  1. Building Bonds: Build upon the bond between Nguti and Crondall by focusing on exchange visits between the two villages.

How you can get involved

The David Hoyle Foundation was formerly launched on 21st January 2018 with an event at Crondall Village Hall attended by over 200 people. You can read the news release here.

To find out more about the event and the work of the foundation, please contact .

You can help support the work of the foundation by making a donation using our Crowdfunding page.

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