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School bag project

When The David Hoyle Foundation was founded, one of its main objectives was the support of educational and environmental projects in Cameroon and this summer it was able to support 235 schoolchildren in the village Bagyeli village of Campo M'aan and Nguti in Cameroon. This was achieved through the provision of waterproof school bags, pre-filled with pencils, pens, paper and other essential school equipment.

All the bags and content were donated by the families and children at Crondall Primary School, the parishioners of St Andrews Church in Farnham and residents of Crondall. The school bags will allow the children to carry all the essential equipment along with their books and everyday items they require to attend school.

Marceline said, "Even small things, like carrying books to school, can prove a challenge without something as simple as a school bag and the David Hoyle Foundation was keen to support these children in Campo M'aan."

UK Charity Number: 1177533.

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